TherigySTM Customer Support

Expertise to support onboarding your pharmacy and beyond.

End-to-End Customer Support

Included with your TherigySTM subscription, your pharmacy team members will go through a comprehensive and customized onboarding experience designed by clinicians with the support of your own dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Introducing You to the Team Driving Success for Your Pharmacy


Before you begin using TherigySTM, your onboarding team members will guide you through functional training to full-user adoption with a process designed to meet your pharmacy’s unique needs.

Customer Success

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is your point of contact for everything TherigySTM, from new feature alerts and professional service offerings to reports and optimized pharmacy metrics.

Clinical Support

The Clinical Support team manages clinical content within TherigySTM and offers their knowledge within specialty pharmacy operations to assist you through your TherigySTM onboarding and beyond.

Your Pharmacy Onboarding Experience

Guided by your dedicated Implementation Manager, you will undergo an extensive onboarding process to transition to using TherigySTM in a way that uniquely reflects your pharmacy’s needs and goals. 

About the TherigySTM Onboarding Team

Your pharmacy onboarding experience team will include a Project Manager, a dedicated Implementation Manager and Clinical Subject Matter Expert, and a member or members of the Clinical Support Team, each with a mission to successfully incorporate TherigySTM into your workflow through sharing of best practice and operational experience.

About the Customer Success Team

Our Customer Success Managers are here to ensure the success of your pharmacy team members using TherigySTM. Your Customer Success Manager is a single point of contact who acts as a liaison to all things TherigySTM. In addition to being a TherigySTM subject matter experts, your Customer Success Manager may also assist you with engaging our professional services or identifying clinical resources to answer questions related to accreditation, workflow, data analytics, and everything in between.

Streamline New Features

TherigySTM constantly develops product enhancements to support your pharmacy and patients. Your Customer Success Manager will provide previews to upcoming product enhancements and features designed to increase efficiency within your operations or specific outcomes reporting.


Scheduled Business Reviews

Metrics and data are the key to successful management of any operation—and your pharmacy is no exception. TherigySTM prepares meaningful data reports to reflect your pharmacy utilization and identify key opportunities for operational improvement and potential cost savings.


Your Technology Subject Matter Expert

We are the experts when it comes to specialty pharmacy technology. As your pharmacy grows, we are here to help answer TherigySTM-related questions, provide guidance and talk through potential workflow challenges, and scale the platform for growth.


About the Clinical Support Team

Our Clinical Support team members, a mix of pharmacists and experienced clinical nurses, are ready and willing to share their vast specialty pharmacy experience to help you establish best practices. This team is responsible for the ongoing development and maintenance of all TherigySTM clinical content and can readily assist your pharmacy with any of the following:

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