Maximizing Financial Performance, Clinical Savings, & Staff Efficiency 

 CPS Optimizer® is an end-to-end pharmacy management software driving financial performance, clinical savings, and staff efficiency
across your enterprise.


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Uncover clinical, regulatory, and operational insights to make more informed decisions, prioritize opportunities, and save real dollars for growth


CPS Optimizer is the all-in-one, cutting-edge, easy-to-implement pharmacy software to deliver actionable insight, drive cost-effective decision making, and improve patient care for health systems.

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Executive Dashboards

Oversee and drive your pharmacy’s growth

Data-rich dashboards provide complete real-time visibility and transparency of the operational, clinical, and financial metrics you need to drive confident decision making for superior performance.

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Performance Assessments

Streamline your pharmacy's workflows to stay ahead of the curve

Detailed assessments support everyday operational excellence by allowing health systems to analyze, improve, and track pharmacy performance against 700+ data points and hundreds of up-to-date USP, DEA, and ISMP compliance standards.


Clinical Initiatives

Continuously improve patient care and generate significant savings

CPS Optimizer propels clinical opportunities into active initiatives for your pharmacy team leaders to work toward as your health system seeks to develop financial strategies that result in additional savings for the clinical program.



Monitor multiple metrics and pinpoint new opportunities for maximum impact

Robust reports present granular data on a flexible interface with dynamic tools enabling you to stay on track and reach your goals faster.

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Learn from the most up-to-date clinical and regulatory pharmacy research

Curated content and monthly newsletters from our nationwide network of subject matter experts keep your pharmacy up to date on regulatory best practices, research, and the rest of the industry’s latest news. 


Purchasing Data Analysis for Accelerated Financial Performance

We go beyond traditional pharmacy spend assessments by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of your recent drug purchasing trends. This analysis enables us to identify valuable clinical initiatives and cost-saving opportunities that can provide your organization with a significant competitive advantage. 

With our 3-5x ROI, you can be confident that CPS Optimizer will help you identify cost savings, implementation strategies, and methods to track your success.

Success Stories

Learn how CPS Optimizer software supports success.  

Midsize Teaching Hospital



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Four-Month Results


Staff Efficiency Savings


Clinical Initiative Savings


Projected Clinical Initiative Savings Next Quarter 

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Savings from Clinical Initiatives 


Fiscal Improvement Due to Biosimilar Conversions


Compliance for Controlled Substances


CPA Score


Large Multi-Site Hospital



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CPS Optimizer has been the crucial resource keeping our drug costs low and buying the most appropriate medication."


Brannon Hill, PharmD

Director of Pharmacy, Drew Memorial

Drew Memorial Health System - Monticello, AR

Brannon Hill is an employee of CPS Solutions, LLC.


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