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Supporting Best-in-Class Patient Care

As a health system or IDN, we know you have an extraordinary commitment to high quality of patient care. Health systems pharmacies present a unique opportunity to not only significantly improve your patient experience, clinic efficiency, and provider satisfaction, but also advance your operational and financial performance. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, CPS is the pharmacy partner to further advance your standard of care. 

Our Enterprise Pharmacy Solutions

Driving systemwide performance can be a difficult proposition. With our enterprise advantage and unique approach to pharmacy, we can help. Whether your goals are to establish a new specialty pharmacy, address regulatory concerns, or looking for technology to support your pharmacy operations, CPS can further propel your long-term success with all these goals and more through our comprehensive set of solutions. 

Consulting Solutions


CPS experts partner with your hospital to achieve compliance, maximize pharmacy savings, advise on operations efficiency, and implement new clinical programs for better patient outcomes.

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Specialty Pharmacy

With experts in assessment, design and build, accreditation, management, and patient care services, the CPS team drives compliance results and ongoing expansion so that we can deliver local-oriented, patient-focused care that achieves your business goals.

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Our industry-leading technology supports specialty and inpatient pharmacy financial, clinical, and operational excellence so you can achieve new levels of performance.

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Success Stories

See how CPS has helped other organizations achieve superior results across the entire continuum of care.

A large health system with 10+ hospital sites leveraged CPS technology to adopt best pharmacy practices and improve patient outcomes

CPS Optimizer Customer – $35M+ Impact





Patient Impact Report





An industry-leading guide to outcomes measurement across several specialty disease states and chronic disease management (CDM)

Banner Health, a large health system with 30 hospitals across six states, uses TherigySTM to improve specialty pharmacy performance

TherigySTM Customer Banner Health - Phoenix, AZ





United Health Services (UHS) Specialty Pharmacy - Binghamton, NY

Fredrick Campogni and Alexis Gately are employees of CPS Solutions, LLC.



A large health system providing healthcare to two-thirds of the region across 60 locations

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