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340B Program Solutions

Generate maximum 340B program value for your covered entity and your patients.

Optimize Your 340B Program Compliance and Savings

The challenges facing 340B programs are complex — but the benefits and savings opportunities are significant. CPS’ team of experts supports compliance with 340B governmental, professional, and company-approved standards. We’ll work closely with your organization to secure outpatient drugs at significantly reduced prices, enabling underserved patient populations to receive the high-quality care they deserve.

Our 340B Services

We understand that no two healthcare facilities are alike. Our 340B teams bring nearly a half-century of expertise and innovation to design strategies that meet your organization's specific needs with solutions to optimize your 340B participation. When you partner with CPS, you can expect to receive support with:

340B Audit

340B Audit


Our 340B experts will identify the best future plan for your facility and prioritize tasks for recommended improvements. We’ll then develop an internal audit plan to help you maintain a constant state of compliance with The Public Health Service Act requirements.


A comprehensive 340B program performance review ensuring all HRSA guidelines and requirements are followed

A tailored review of policies, procedures, and contracts, as well as activities of the 340B Oversight Committee

A report including detailed findings and
recommendations for corrective actions

A review of purchases and program setup to uncover savings opportunities

Experienced with all types of 340B programs, including large health systems, DSH, CAH, RRC, SCH, FQHCs, Ryan White, hemophilia programs, and all other types of hospitals and grantees

Implementation assistance of new child or grantee sites with manufacturer repayment assistance

340B Continuous Readiness


The CPS team will ensure that you have a robust program in place so that you don’t miss any critical elements that help your facility stay compliant. With ongoing communication and support, we’ll help you succeed every step of the way.


Maintain audit preparedness through:

Access to experts in HRSA 340B guidelines and recommendations

Detailed audit reports and action plans

Policies and procedure reviews with your team

Routine meetings and ongoing support–not
just a one-time consultation


In the event of a HRSA audit, you’re supported with:

A deep bench of 340B ACE pharmacy experts

On-site support

Corrective action plans

Guidance by pharmacy practice specialists
Access to ACE pharmacy support year-round

340B ESP Program Assist

340B ESP Program Assist


Covered entities often struggle with ESP program registration, participation, data mapping, continuous price changes, and other program complexities. CPS provides guidance and expertise positioning covered entities to maximize their ESP portal enrollment and ongoing performance.


Provides data mapping assistance related to information received from your 340B third-party administrators (TPA)
Submits data from your TPA to the ESP Portal on behalf of your covered entity
Performs regular reviews of 340B program pricing integrity for identification of manufacturer or contract pharmacy pricing issues or discrepancies
Provides monthly verification of 340B pricing availability for your contract pharmacies
Provides guidance for follow-up with
wholesalers and manufacturers regarding issue root causes and resolutions
Includes training and education or your covered entity for self-submitting data to the ESP portal 
340B Referral Capture

340B Referral Capture


Identify and capture eligible prescriptions from out-of-network provider visits to retain high-cost specialty drug savings and strengthen financial performance.


Strengthen program reach to make 340B program pricing available to more patients

Work with all contract pharmacies to support program reach and effectiveness

Bolster referral networks and maximize
reimbursement opportunities

Realize savings opportunities approaching 15%–25% in additional contract pharmacy savings

Maintain program compliance and leverage CPS resources to optimize 340B program per
340B Remote Monitoring

340B Remote Monitoring


Provides remote monitoring and self-auditing of key 340B program components. Access the expertise of CPS 340B-ACE experts via a convenient, remote support.


Monthly reviews of targeted transactions across sites to monitor for diversions, duplicate discounts, and accumulations

Child site pharmacy transactions

Contract pharmacy transactions

Medicaid transactions

Client pharmaceutical transactions

Quarterly OPAIS data reviews to confirm
information integrity

Monthly accumulator reviews to identify errors and sources with weekly reviews to identify mapping errors

Assist in coordination and attendance of oversight committee meetings and attend regular TPA calls

Receive regular reports to keep leadership
appraised of performance and compliance issues

Customer Testimonials

The ongoing expertise and support we have received from CPS has been invaluable to our health center and our 340B program. With their help, we have established a 340B Oversight Committee and conduct quarterly reviews of our program. We now feel better equipped to handle upcoming audits.

Melissa Teeple

Director of Pharmacy, Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center

CPS was understanding how our program works. Their Senior Consultant went in-depth in his analysis, and was very knowledgeable of our systems.

Dawnita Castle


I want to thank you for everything. You did an outstanding job showing us what we could do to make our 340B (program) more compliant. I would recommend (your team) to anyone needing help with 340B.

Will Osborn

Asst. Director of Pharmacy, Jennie Stuart Health

Even though we are a smaller operation, CPS was able to drive measurable value for our team. We are very pleased with both product and the price point. I feel we got what we paid for and more. We trust what was told to us by the CPS Senior Consultant who explained details regarding 340B HRSA audits to help us better improve our systems.

Ed Lujano


340B Program Partnerships Drive Value for FQHCs

Castle Family Health Centers (CFHC) chose CPS 340B Solutions as their partner for driving 340B program integrity and compliance.

Consulting and reports from the CPS 340B Solutions team help their leadership tailor their game plan while helping to execute their program in the most efficient way possible.

We invite you to read our case study exploring Castle Family Health Center’s relationship with CPS!


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