Pharmacy Practice Assessments Module

Discover actionable insights, expedite process implementation, and achieve operational excellence

Now available as a standalone platform

Our comprehensive and topic-specific assessments
allow pharmacy leaders to analyze, improve, and track
performance against hundreds of operational data
points and up-to-date USP, DEA, and ISMP compliance

With CPS Optimizer’s extensive digital resource library,
leaders can focus on executing action plans with
templated policies, competencies, and reference
materials for accelerated implementation.

700+ Review Areas

  • General Regulatory Requirements
  • Controlled Substances
  • USP & ISMP Standards
  • Clinical Safety & Quality
  • Purchasing & Inventory
  • Operational Finance
  • Human Resources & Administration
  • Telepharmacy & Customer Service

Access Content from Comprehensive Knowledge Repository to Easily Access Best Practices

CP_24_004 PharmacyPracticeAssessmentsModule-1

Assess pharmacy performance across all standards and best practices

CP_24_004 PharmacyPracticeAssessmentsModule-6

Review linked CPS Optimizer resources to quickly learn more information and expedite implementation

CP_24_004 PharmacyPracticeAssessmentsModule-2

Add written notes about findings and required actions for future reference

CP_24_004 PharmacyPracticeAssessmentsModule-7

Execute necessary changes, upload any documentation, and submit for review

CP_24_004 PharmacyPracticeAssessmentsModule-3

Receive score based on met/unmet standards and best practices

CP_24_004 PharmacyPracticeAssessmentsModule-8

Facilitate team communication by adding comments directly within the action plan

CP_24_004 PharmacyPracticeAssessmentsModule-4

Identify next steps based on severity and prioritization of any gaps

CP_24_004 PharmacyPracticeAssessmentsModule-9

Review action item completion and rescore it accordingly

CP_24_004 PharmacyPracticeAssessmentsModule-5

Assign action items to specific team members and set due dates

CP_24_004 PharmacyPracticeAssessmentsModule-10

Monitor reports and dashboards for progress updates, due dates, and upcoming reassessments

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