Clinical & Drug Spend Optimization Module

Discover ongoing opportunities, streamline project management, and capture significant savings from cutting-edge initiatives

Now available as a standalone platform

CPS Optimizer’s real-time data and advanced algorithms review drug expenditures to identify top conversion opportunities for clinical cost savings and optimized treatments.

From there, pharmacy leaders can drive active initiatives to support financial strategies that result in additional savings for the clinical program.

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A Glimpse at Our Clinical & Drug Spend Optimization Module


Cutting-Edge Clinical Opportunities

  • Project highest potential drug savings
  • Activate initiatives, assign team members, and monitor performance
  • Prioritize systemwide and individual facility efforts

Detailed Financial Insights & Reports

  • Maintain systemwide of program performance
  • Monitor purchasing habits
  • Illustrate driving factors behind initiatives with executive reporting

Robust Digital Resources

  • Save time and labor by accessing 3,300+ pharmacy resources
  • Utilize initiative guides to optimize performance
  • Focus team efforts on implementation

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