CPS Announces Acquisition of Trellis Rx

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Telepharmacy Solutions

Enhancing pharmacy services across the continuum of care.

Telepharmacy Services to Enhance the Patient Experience While Promoting Value-Based Care

Without 24/7 pharmacy services, it's challenging for hospitals and health systems to secure the operational bandwidth required for caregivers and staff, as well as institute necessary safety practices that meet compliance and regulatory standards and provide assurance for patients. CPS' team of clinical experts will work with your organization to provide valuable pharmacy services in innovative ways, leading to better care and improved patient outcomes.

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CPS TELEpharmacy Services

We employ a patient-centered approach to provide quality, virtual pharmacy services, as well as other telehealth solutions to patients and facilities across the United States. When you partner with CPS, you can expect to receive support with:

Remote Order Entry & Verification

Remote Order Entry & Verification

We centralize reviews and approvals of medication orders to drive patient safety, HIPAA compliance, and quality monitoring so your staff can concentrate on emergent needs.

Transitions of Care

Readmission Focused Transitions of Care

We develop a transition of care program built around the patient journey to deliver value while driving better outcomes, lowering readmissions, and reducing hospital costs.


Comprehensive Medication Management

The CPS team works closely with your employer group, health system, or physician office to implement a medication management program that meets CPC+ and PCMH requirements.

Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Our clinical experts support patient outcomes by engaging with healthcare teams across the continuum of care. From admission medication reconciliation to post-discharge follow-up, we work with your organization to support value-based care initiatives with real results.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services

We support extended, coordinated patient care with best practices to achieve increased revenue, bigger savings, and better clinical outcomes.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

From EHR conversion support to platform leasing, we’ll help your facility grow revenue, control costs, improve patient satisfaction, and meet compliance.

Success Stories

Ready to achieve desired clinical outcomes and value-based care initiatives? Explore our customer success stories to see CPS TELEpharmacy in action.

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Related Perspectives

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