Financial Results for Pharmacy Management

Your CPS team connects you with real-time financial insights and purchasing patterns for your healthcare organization.

No more waiting for monthly reports. In partnership with CPS, our team uses our proprietary software to deliver the following financial analytics whenever you need to access them:

Comprehensive Purchasing Overview

  • Promote proactive drug spend monitoring
  • Compare systemwide and individual site purchasing data
  • Improve purchasing trends for increased revenue

Wholesale Acquisition Cost (WAC) & 340B Performance

  • Pull information from all account types and sites into one place
  • Identify changes in purchasing habits and their resulting outcomes
  • Analyze good versus bad WAC for the most cost-effective options

Comprehensive Purchasing Overview

  • Bring your data to life with compelling narratives
  • Generate presentation-ready reports with executive-level trend insights
  • Illustrate high-level outcomes and the driving factors behind them

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