Operational Support for Pharmacy Management

Achieve and sustain operational excellence with comprehensive assessments

Our comprehensive and topic-specific assessments allow your pharmacy leaders to analyze and track their facilities’ performance scores. Any identified gaps become prioritized tasks with user-assigned action items to meet real-world needs: improve operations, standardize patient care, meet compliance standards, and reduce costly citations.

The pharmacy assessments and action planning tools we provide through CPS Optimizer deliver systemwide insights for pharmacy leaders to translate into tangible results for your staff, organization, and—most importantly—your patients.

Assessment and Action Plan Streamlined Process Flow

  1. Assess operational efficiencies and clinical standards and best practices

  2. Add written notes about findings and required actions for future reference

  3. Receive score based on met/unmet standards and best practices

  4. Identify next steps based on severity and prioritization of any gaps

  5. Assign action items to specific team members and set due dates

  6. Review CPS Optimizer's resources for the action item to learn more information

  7. Implement necessary changes, upload any documentation, and submit for review

  8. Facilitate team communication by adding comments directly within the action plan

  9. Review action item completion and rescore accordingly

  10. Monitor reports for action plan statuses, due dates, and upcoming reassessments

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