Patient Financial Assistance

Easily access patient 501c3 financial assistance programs and funds all in one place.

Find the Best Financial Programs for Your Patients with Ease

TherigySTMSM provides a seamless solution to proactively manage your patients’ financial assistance without any manual hunting or searching. With TherigySTM, you can see available programs and patient eligibility all in one place and immediately update information within patient profiles.

Get Timely and Specific Alerts on Financial Assistance Programs Right When They Open Up

TherigySTM enhances opportunities to secure required funds for your patients while allowing you to eliminate time-intensive searches. TherigySTM features real-time updates from 501c3 results with live alerts and messages sent directly to user emails. Within these alert messages, user can identify qualifying patients and enroll them into the program through a link that redirects right to the resource.

TherigySTM Benefits

  • Complete Access Under One Platform: TherigySTM’s referral management system has our built-in financial assistance tool to give your pharmacy access to patients’ referral documentation, eligibility information, and financial assistance all in one place. 

  • Seamless Financial Assistance Information: Our financial assistance tool combs through manufacturer copay programs and coupons, patient assistance programs (501c3), bridges, and free trials that help you quickly and easily register your patients for the best programs available to them.

  • Program and Manufacturer Comparison: Our library of 1,200+ drug-specific programs and foundations covers 450+ therapeutic areas. By comparing available options, you can identify the best fit for your patients based on the manufacturer, type of assistance, eligibility, and available funding.

Remarkable Results

TherigySTM customers secured $410M+ for their patients in just one year.

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