Mobile Patient Messaging

Reach patients faster and improve medication adherence.

Improve Productivity and Patient Satisfaction with Digital Solutions

We know you’re caring for more and more patients, and we’re here to help. We offer mobile-enabled solutions within TherigySTM, including patient assessments to allow your opted-in patients to instantly receive and answer questions directly from their mobile devices—and their responses automatically populate in TherigySTM. 

Fast & Easy Patient Enrollment
  • Patient enrollment happens with just one click
  • Patient mobile number automatically populates from their TherigySTM patient profile
  • Refill reminder texts go out with links to included mobile assessments
  • Patients complete assessments on their time, saving your staff time on the phone
  • All assessment questions are written at a third grade reading level and take approximately five minutes or less to complete
  • Mobile assessment statuses automatically populate in TherigySTM—even if a patient starts but doesn’t finish the assessment
  • All responses recorded via mobile assessment are automatically tagged as mobile answers

  • HIPAA-Compliant Messages & Assessments
  • Personalized Patient-Adherence Questions
  • Time-Saving Operations
  • Instant Results 

A Glimpse at Our Mobile-Enabled Assessments


Patient Therapy Assessments & Surveys

  • PROMIS Global-10
  • Pediatric 7 + 2 Assessment
  • General Anxiety Disorder (GAD-7) Survey
  • SIDAS Quality of Life Screen

Refill Assessments

  • Changes to medication and insurance
  • Medical conditions and allergy updates
  • Medication delivery preferences with options to update date/delivery address

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

  • Patient education and counseling on their prescribed medication, medical condition, or treatment concerns.
  • Assessment of pharmacy services, including quality and timeliness
  • Patient engagement with a free-text option to provide additional commentary

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