TherigySTM Referral Management

Track and document your referrals with ease. 

Don't Lose Referrals or Critical Information

Manage, follow up, and get alerts on patient benefits, re-authorizations needed, and more with TherigySTM.

Benefits Investigation

  • Track and manage each referral status

  • Report your pharmacy's turnaround time and no-go's

Prior Authorization

  • Document and track status of prior authorizations, appeals, and reauthorizations

  • Track appeal success rates of overturned prior authorizations

  • Schedule reauthorizations to keep documentation up to date before needed refills

Referral Complete/No-Go

  • Track and manage each referral status

  • Create patient onboarding activities with an automated push for both patient care coordinators and clinicians


  • Ensure patients receive medications promptly

  • Understand reasons behind referral no-go's and prior authorization denials

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