High-Touch Patient Care & Evidence-Based Clinical Protocols  

With our proven experience at 850+ hospitals and health systems, CPS is uniquely positioned to advance patient care within the health system pharmacy practice. Each day, our experts leverage the latest research to develop, refine, test, and implement condition-specific care plans and protocols designed to improve your health system’s specialty patient care. 

Our Clinical Approach to Specialty Pharmacy Management 

Our 35+ condition-specific care plans have initial and follow-up activities for specialty pharmacists and liaisons to complete as well as disease-specific protocols. We even go beyond specialty conditions and offer high-touch clinical services for chronic disease management (CDM) of more common disease states, such as asthma and diabetes. Altogether, these standards guide your specialty pharmacy team through all the important clinical touchpoints involved in specialty care:  

  • Scheduling strategic patient touchpoints for improved outreach and engagement 
  • Providing patients with ongoing drug and disease state education 
  • Performing routine assessments and follow-up to ensure efficacy and safety 
  • Assessing adherence and persistence metrics, including disease-specific measures 
  • Identifying and managing side effects as well as potential drug interactions and adverse events 
  • Initiating proactive interventions and referring patients to other healthcare professionals as needed 
  • Offering patient counseling and support throughout the care journey 
  • Documenting new drug therapies, dose adjustments, therapy discontinuations, and other key data points 

How We Document, Standardize, & Automate Patient Care  

Consistent, transparent, and accurate data collection and reporting is critically important to evaluate and optimize specialty pharmacy performance and patient outcomes. With our specialty pharmacy technology platform, we provide automated care plans, clinical protocols, and standardized assessments enabling you to do exactly that.  

Our standard operating procedures (SOPs) and strategies to document, measure, report, and interpret data allow for consistent, actionable conclusions. All our SOPs and disease-specific protocols are regularly maintained by our clinical experts, which allows your team to spend more time providing high-touch patient care to patients throughout the entire continuum.  

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