Advanced Technological Infrastructure 

Our purpose-built specialty pharmacy technology platform supports patient engagement, clinical workflow, and program growth. As the singular platform for clinical workflow and data reporting, you can streamline processes and nurture exceptional relationships with patients, manufacturers, payors, and accrediting bodies.  


Our Core Technological Functionalities 

These features empower specialty pharmacies to ensure patients have a coordinated experience and receive the support they need to manage their specialty condition and achieve the best outcome. 

  • Interoperability: By integrating with your existing EHR systems, our platform allows for enhanced pharmacist-provider communication with secure, real-time data updates. These integrations empower your staff to spend less time on data entry and seamlessly coordinate care for improved patient outcomes.  

  • Referral Management: Our technology speeds time to therapy by streamlining the onboarding process, including data capture, benefit verification, prior authorization, appeal submission, reauthorization, and financial assistance. It also facilitates team communication, tracks referral and coverage statuses, and limits administrative work for other care team members. 

  • Clinical Care Management: Developed by our highly trained clinical experts, our

    disease-specific clinical care plans

    ensure excellence with evidence-based protocols that guide patient education, medication review, adherence monitoring, refill coordination, and more.  
  • Data Analytics & Reporting: Our advanced data analytics and reporting functionality supports patient interventions and management, as well as payor and LDD access. 

How Our Technology Supports Accreditation & Network Access   

Reporting clinical outcomes and quality measures is key to gaining and maintaining accreditation as well as access to payor and limited distribution drug networks. However, pharmacy leaders often lack the bandwidth, infrastructure, and time needed to collect and analyze specialty pharmacy data. 

Our specialty pharmacy technology simplifies data analytics with automated reports and dashboards. Its comprehensive and customizable nature enables your team to easily access and report the data needed to do the following:

  • Measure ongoing adherence to therapy 
  • Monitor disease-specific clinical outcomes 
  • Assess operational performance 
  • Report outcomes to payors and drug manufacturers 
  • Meet accreditation requirements

In addition to our technology, the teams at CPS have strong trade relations with payors and manufacturers to help you access those limited distribution drugs and preferred payor networks. 

How Our Technology Advances Clinical Research & Patient Care 

We also leverage our technology platform’s data analytics and reporting to conduct award-winning research. Through regular collaboration with pharmacy leaders, providers, health systems, and drug manufacturers, we develop and publish outcomes studies that assess the impact of health system specialty pharmacy services on patient care.  

Each year, our clinicians compile patient outcomes, research findings, and clinical advancements from teams across many CPS partner sites in the annual Patient Impact Report.  

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