Integrated Specialty Pharmacy Expertise 

Successfully growing a health system specialty pharmacy service requires talented team members whose skills are often new to most organizations. Hiring the right talent can prove a significant challenge for health system pharmacy leaders. 

How We Overcome Common Staffing Barriers 

Our partnership model overcomes the following challenges to ensure you can quickly access the specialty pharmacy talent needed to start and grow your program. 

  • Getting new positions approved and funded: We cover all costs associated with recruiting, hiring, and managing your specialty pharmacy team. Beyond labor expenses, we also provide the start-up and working capital to take the financial risk away from your health system. 

  • Finding local team members: We have a strong national pipeline of 2,500+ experienced pharmacy experts and dedicated CPS staff to find you the best talent around. Throughout the hiring process, we work alongside your team to ensure new employees are a strong fit with your culture and staff.

  • Retaining and engaging staff: We offer competitive, market-based compensation and strong benefits packages to attract and retain the best talent available. Our extensive trainings and continuing education programs keep staff engaged and promote professional growth within your team. 

How We Structure Our Staffing Model 

CPS values the community aspect of every organization. We strive to bring the best local talent to every position, and our strong pipeline of experienced pharmacists and clinicians allows us to bring in additional support from surrounding areas if needed.  

Overall, we ensure you have the people needed to quickly expand your comprehensive specialty pharmacy program across many disease states. We recruit, hire, and manage the following positions to work onsite at your health system under your brand. 

Specialty Pharmacy Leader

This position works alongside your health system’s pharmacy and operational leaders and is responsible for day-to-day on-site specialty pharmacy team management, program growth, and related strategic initiatives. 

Clinical Pharmacists

These pharmacists have expertise in one or more specialty disease states and associated drug therapies with board certification. We also employ generalists who have excellent patient management and teaching skills.

Specialty Pharmacy Liaisons

We hire liaisons who are self-motivated and dedicated to doing whatever it takes to remove barriers to help patients get and stay on their drug therapies. 

Our partner health systems also receive ongoing support from CPS leaders with specialty pharmacy expertise who oversee program implementation, accreditation, limited distribution drug and payor access strategies, and more.   

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