Trade Relations & Coveted Payor Network Access 

Accessing payor and limited distribution drug (LDD) networks is critical to specialty pharmacy growth as it increases prescription availability for patients and creates new revenue opportunities for health systems. Unfortunately, obtaining and maintaining access can be a complex challenge, especially given the complicated nuances of the specialty market. 

Our Proven Approach to Payor & LDD Access 

CPS experts have 120+ years of combined experience navigating trade relations through our proven strategic roadmap. With our collaborative, data-driven approach, we develop and execute access strategies to meet the specific needs of your health system and patient population.    

Our targeted strategy focuses on three key areas to gain you access to the most prized networks: 

  • Providing data-backed results: Since health system specialty pharmacies serve as a bridge between patients and providers as well as EHRs and dispensing systems, they are uniquely poised to capture and report the most source-rich, detailed data. Our specialty pharmacy technology has all the automated dashboards, data analytics, and reporting functionalities to deliver those results. From there, our experts package up your data into a digestible narrative, making it easy for payor networks to appreciate your value.   

  • Maintaining clinical excellence: As payors move towards outcomes-based approaches, they are highly interested in health system specialty pharmacy’s ability to perform short- and long-term monitoring. Our disease-specific care plans and evidence-based clinical protocols emphasize the high-touch patient care and proven results that payors and manufacturers want to see. 

  • Gaining accreditation and credentialing: Both are important milestones towards increased access, but they are not one and the same. Accreditation may be a minimum requirement, but credentialing is the payor-driven standard to get you through the door. Our team knows how to overcome obstacles and navigate the complexities behind accreditation and credentialing to best position you for success.  

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